Projects of Note

Here is the repository of my projects that I think deserve some note. Not all of these projects could or should be considered as portfolio pieces. Indeed most of these projects are here only because they were particularly challenging or rewarding to myself. Most of them have been built from scratch using none or very little outside code. They constitute my development history be it personal, professional, or just classwork.

Please Note: Not all elements are functional and interactive access is given on a good faith basis. All projects unless stated otherwise are exercises either for myself or for a class, any content used in them is for educational purposes only.


Mash it in Mash It Inclick to enlarge Languages:Perl CGI, JQuery, SQL, Java Servlets, JSP Completion Date:3 assignments of about 2 weeks each, final completion April 2011. Login Credentials:User: cs696 Password: sp2011 Description:

This project is an introduction to Java Servlets in a possible production environment. All sections are hardened to sql injection. The project is broken down into three sections. The first section simulates the product management for a web business and is written in Perl CGI and Javascript. The second section is written entirely in Java Servlets and presents an inventory intake/dispatch form. It also implements AJAX in order to process forms. The third section is the most complicated and presents a front end online store complete with working shopping cart and checkout functions. This section fully implements the Model View Controller architecture through Java Servlets, JSP. There is also extensive use of JQuery and AJAX in the shopping cart function.

Project Requirements:
  • Login screen for product and inventory screens, users must be encrypted
  • An 'Add Product' page and confirmation page that is validated via javascript. New entries are placed in a database
  • Project 3 Specific Specifications
    • Fully implements MVC Arcitecture
    • Offer a persistent shopping cart that is updated via AJAX
    • Offer product search
    • Provide extensive error checking through javascript
Contact Manager Contact Managerclick to enlarge
Languages:Google Web Toolkit, Java Project Timeline:About 10 days, final completion May 2011 Login Credentials:User: guest Password: guest Description:

This project was used as an introduction to Google Web Toolkit and Java like UI design. It was created solely using eclipse with the GWT design plugins. The project incorporates the gwtupload library in order to handle photos.

Project Requirements:
  • Login Screen for authentication of user
  • User must be able to add, edit, and delete entries
  • Data must be persistent and stored server side
  • Users must be able to add, edit, and delete groups
  • Users must be able to add, edit, and delete photos for each contact
SDSU Marathon Marathon Projectclick to enlarge Languages:PHP, Perl CGI, Javascript (no JQuery), Project Timeline:About 2 weeks, final completion December 2010 Login Credentials:User: cs596 Password: fall2010 Description:

This project was used as an introduction to interactive form validation and both the PHP and Perl languages. The page presents the user with a fictitious marathon and subsequent registration page. Upon registration user is prompted with a confirmation page and an entry is made entry is made in a SQL database. A report link that is password protected (and hardened) prints out every user that has registered for the event in a format suitable for printing.

Project Requirements:
  • Login Screen for authentication of user to reports page
  • Appropriate and adequate javascript validation of registration form
  • Users and passwords must be stored in a text file on the server and be encrypted
Source Code Examples Source Codeclick to enlarge Languages:Project Specific (C/C++/Java/etc.. Description:

Here are a snippets of source code for the projects listed above and a series of other projects that didn't end up making it to this page. They exemplify my coding style and practices but not the total extent of my knowledge.