Ever since the Kinect came out I've been toying with ideas on how to use it to do some really cool motion controlled stuff for my MythTV box. But its always been too expensive to buy one just for playing with but an awesome gizmodo deal came along and I snatched one up.  It's really a neat little device, unfortunately it doesn't like to play nice with Linux easily I'll tell you that. I've been working on getting it working with Mythtv and Linux for quite a while now and i've hit a few walls. But I figured i'd post up here to see if anyone else has come across a fix for my issues. 

First a few caveats: I'm running a AMD Phenom 9600 on an Ubuntu 11.04 x64 install using kernel 2.6.38-11-generic. The 64bit OS with an AMD core seem to be the wrench in my pudding in this situation.

Here are the tutorials and information that I found helpful during my attempted install:

Now following these tutorials directly failed to give any results that worked. (possibly due to my 64bit situation) but with a few modifications I managed to get to a stage where OpenNI sample generates a picture.

Unfortunately i can not get NITE skeleton tracking to work properly.

It fails with this error:

      252 INFO       OpenNI version is 1.3.2 (Build 3)-Linux-x86 (Jul 19 2011 15:45:45)
      295 INFO       Filter Info - minimum severity: ERROR, masks: NONE
Illegal instruction

There were a few key differences in the process I performed and the process performed in the tutorials. The major differences are as follows. 

  • Use of unstable binaries of NITE and unstable tree of the driver and OpenNI located here:
  • Remove all instances of ​SSE3​ where SSE_GENERATION ​is found and replace with SSE2.
  • Using the default tree of the primesense Kinect drivers.
  • There are a few more but i seem to have misplaced my notes (oops!).

So here's the deal the roadblock i've found. Its appears that NITE is not SSE2 compatible. One of the links in that i gave in the top tells the story but thats the jist of it. You can not run any software the uses NITE on a cpu that doesn't support SSE3.

If they ever get this completely working I will post up my procedures for sure. I am also interested in using the Kinect with Mythtv using the klirc​ module but preliminary test builds show it needs to major work which i am also looking into and taking vigorous notes.