DISCLOSURE: Let me first say that i don't condone messing with systems inappropriately and against the wishes of facebook.

Have you ever wanted to blow up a fiends phone with notifications? Well now you can!
This little script lets you click every single *like* button on what ever FB page you're on and unless things have changed with FB they should get a notification for each like button you click!
I actually did this a few years ago and it was a bit different implementation so it appears that FB changes their site code quite often.

// Likebom.js
// Created by Chris Rice 2016
/* jshint esversion: 6 */

// To activate it just call clicker()
// Top stop it jsut call stopClicker() or you know... close the window..

// Timer that can be used to stop the bomb
var timer;
var clickRate = 500; // Be careful with click rate. You can get banned for too fast of a rate.

// Gets all the clicks and activates them
// then scrolls farther down the page to find more buttons to click
var clicker = () => {
  var buttons = Array.from(document.querySelectorAll("a[data-testid='fb-ufi-likelink'][aria-pressed='false']"));
  clickButtons(buttons, clicker);
  scrollTo(0, 500000);

var stopClicker = () => {

// Steps recursivly through all the buttons and clicks them.
// Calls a callback when clicking is completed.
// Be careful of the 400
var clickButtons = (buttons, completedCallback) => {
  timer = setTimeout(() => {
    var button = buttons.pop();
    if (button !== undefined) {;
      clickButtons(buttons, completedCallback);
    } else {
  }, clickRate, buttons);

To start it up just open up the debugger in chrome and paste the script in. Then call the function clicker().

Thats it! Bombs away!